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Bring Spring Inside with a Purple Flower Centerpiece

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A DASH of Florals: Holiday Tulip Bouquet

Are you doing any last-minute decorating for the holidays? A floral arrangement with lots of traditional greens and red tulips is a great way to quickly dress up your space before guests arrive! Read on to learn how to make this gorgeous holiday tulip bouquet.

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A DASH of Floral: Happy Yellow and White Floral Centerpieces

These adorable, happy yellow and white floral centerpieces are great do-it-yourself décor to brighten up your home this summer, a celebration buffet, or even a wedding table centerpiece.

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A DASH of Floral: Purple Flower Centerpiece Ideas

How to make three different gorgeous purple flower bouquet centerpieces from $30 of grocery store flowers and thrifted vases.  These centerpiece ideas are perfect and easy do-it-yourself option for decorating a dining table for a party or a wedding.

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A DASH of Floral: Romantic Rose Bouquet

A gorgeous grouping of soft muted pinks, golds, and cream in a romantic rose bouquet perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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A DASH of Florals: Fall Floral Arrangement with Purple Flowers

Purple flowers and fall themed foliage make this dramatic arrangement a sophisticated addition to a Halloween tablescape.

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A DASH of Floral: Red, Purple, and White Flowers in a Salvaged Tomato Can

A cute and playful floral arrangement utilizes red Gerber daisies, purple-magenta carnations, fluffy white hydrangeas with wild looking blue thistles.  Nestled in a salvaged tomato can with a fun graphic label, this floral arrangement radiates whimsical romance.  This would be a perfect Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift idea. Salvaging for Decorating As a busy…

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A DASH of Floral: White Roses with Queen Anne’s Lace and Bells-of-Ireland

This elegant white floral arrangement uses white roses, Queen Anne’s lace, bells-of-Ireland, Coprosma, and Hellebore leaves in a simple glass cylinder vase. Refreshingly Simple Floral Arrangement A simple and classic bouquet of white roses with the light frills of Queen Anne’s lace against a green textural background can be so incredibly beautiful.  Though I love…

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A DASH of Florals: Lily, Cedar, and Brassica Vase Floral Arrangement

Dark burgundy lilies are a fragrant and dramatic center to a soft muted tones of this bouquet of winter greens.  The Fragrance of Evergreens and Lilies Fills the Air Happy holidays everyone!  As I’m writing, I feel I’m still recovering from the epic 2-day marathon of holiday cooking and baking.  Though the aromas of roasted…

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A DASH of Floral: Fall Color Centerpiece

How to create a colorful fresh fall centerpiece from flowers and greens that you can get around your garden and at your local grocery store I felt like when I was trying to think of what I should start this blog with, it seemed appropriate that I should start with a floral centerpiece because: Most…

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