A DASH of Floral: Happy Yellow and White Floral Centerpieces

These adorable, happy yellow and white floral centerpieces are great do-it-yourself décor to brighten up your home this summer, a celebration buffet, or even a wedding table centerpiece.  From grocery store to tabletop, these flowers are fun and add a fresh and fragrant touch to any space.

a vase full of chrysanthemums and carnations

Creating Your Happy Yellow and White Floral Centerpieces

Whether you are putting some floral arrangements together for a party at home, or to decorate your cottage-core wedding, do-it-yourself décor like floral arranging is a great way to inexpensively enhance and enliven your event or home. 

yellow frilly carnation in a brass vase

When I am putting together a floral arrangement, I like to look to the gardens and nature to see what colors and flowers would make good options for a bouquet.  For this arrangement, I opted to use white and green for base colors and make the arrangements more fun and playful by using yellow as the primary accent color and touches of purple and pink for a little color pop.

drinking glass used as a vase

Flower Choices for the Arrangement

Roses are in full bloom right now and I personally love the creamy white texture that roses and fluffy white hydrangeas add to a bouquet.  I also love frilly carnations for filling in and adding additional color.  The green chrysanthemums are an unexpected funky element with cool lime green accents and a texture that I always want to touch.  Adding stems of limonium and pink lisianthus blooms contrasts with the yellow and really accentuates the joyful feeling of the arrangements and adds more dynamics to the overall shape. 

green chrysanthemum blossoms

To round out the greenery options, I also opted to trim some dwarf snowberry branches from the garden to add some additional green hues and incorporate a more natural element into an arrangement.  These items, except for the snowberry, were all part of one of those $25 bouquets or were purchased filler items from the grocery store.  Eventually I will be able to cut all of these same flowers out of the garden, but that is just not in the cards this year for me with the garden still in repair and recovery mode from a lack of care before I arrived.

pink lisianthus blooms in a glass

How to Make These Happy Yellow and White Floral Centerpieces

Materials for the Glass Arrangement:

  • One large, patterned drinking glass or small glass cylinder vase
  • 3 Yellow Carnations
  • 5 stems of snowberry
  • 8 heads, or 2 stems trimmed, of Green chrysanthemums
  • 2 stems of lisianthus
  • 2 stems of limonium
a yellow and green floral arrangement in a glass

Assembling the Glass Arrangement:

  1. Start by filling the glass with water.  Trim and add the snowberry all around the rim of the glass so that it sticks out at different heights. Try to get the longer snowberry on the left side of the glass.
  2.  Add one carnation to the center of the glass and one stem of the limonium in the low front.
  3. Trim chrysanthemum and add to the glass center-front.
  4. Trim the last two carnations and place to fill the rest of the center of the arrangement.
  5. Finish by trimming the lisianthus stems and placing to the back right to balance the longer snowberry stems.

Materials for the Brass Vase Arrangement:

  • 1 small brass vase
  • 2 stems of white hydrangea
  • 2 carnations
  • 5 white roses
  • 2 stems, or 8 heads, of green chrysanthemum
  • 1 stem of purple limonium
white hydrangea and rose floral arrangement in a brass vase

Assembling the Brass Vase Arrangement:

  1. Start by filling the vase with water. Then trim and place the two hydrangeas on opposite sides of the vase from each other so the blooms rest on the edge of the vase.
  2. Trim and place the carnations so they fill in the other gaps on the edge of the vase not filled by the hydrangeas.
  3. Trim and place the roses at various heights so they fill and spill up out of the center of the arrangement
  4. Add the chrysanthemum stems to fill in any final gaps between the heads of the roses.
  5. To finish, trim and place the stem of Limonium so that it springs out from the front left of the arrangement.
hydrangeas and carnations in a happy white and yellow floral arrangement

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