A DASH of Floral: White Roses with Queen Anne’s Lace and Bells-of-Ireland

This elegant white floral arrangement uses white roses, Queen Anne’s lace, bells-of-Ireland, Coprosma, and Hellebore leaves in a simple glass cylinder vase.

Refreshingly Simple Floral Arrangement

A closeup image of the coprosma plant showing the reflective finish
Also called “mirror bush,” Coprosma comes in many different varieties with lots of different foliage colors and patterns.

A simple and classic bouquet of white roses with the light frills of Queen Anne’s lace against a green textural background can be so incredibly beautiful.  Though I love color, green and white are a timeless floral color combination.  It reminds me of regeneration, sunny spring days yet to come, tea with friends, and impressionist art in Paris museums (many a Monet or Renoir comes to mind).  It’s a very peaceful yet happy color combination, which is why I came to a very quick conclusion to use these colors as the focus for my floral arrangement this week.

Idea for White Wedding Flowers

Hellebore leaves in the vase
I quickly ran out to my garden for the hellebore leaves. The flowers will make their way into another arrangement another time.

An arrangement like this one works great on dining or entry table, but the look could also work well for a wedding when paired with smaller arrangements or décor.  I always love elegant white weddings with lots of rich greenery.  Roses are not only romantic but widely available, as are many of the green elements in this arrangement.  Though the delicacy of Queen Anne’s lace and bells-of-Ireland can make those flowers harder to find at certain times of the year, there are other types of flowers like yarrow, lady’s mantle, ferns, amaranthus and even different types of herbs that can be substituted for these items.  Another great thing about an arrangement like this is that it would be perfect as DIY wedding flowers.  As we are all trying to be budget conscious these days and the cost of wedding flowers is astronomical, I highly recommend giving floral arranging a shot if you are looking for some ways to save money on your wedding or another more formal event.  I learned how expensive wedding flowers can be myself and therefore successfully DIY’d my own wedding!  But that’s a story for another time.

White Roses with Queen Anne’s Lace and Bells-of-Ireland

a closeup of the white roses in the vase
The outer few petals on roses can be smaller and bruised. It is ok to remove these smaller outer petals.


  • 5 stems white roses
  • 2 stems queen anne’s lace
  • 3 stems of bells-of-Ireland
  • 3 stems of Coprosma
  • 2 hellebore leaves
  • Floral or kitchen shears
  • A medium cylindrical glass vase or other vessel of similar size and proportion
  • Water as needed to fill the vase


  1. Start by trimming and placing the 3 stems of coprosma so that there is one on the left and right sides and at the back of the vase.
  2. Trim and place the hellebore leaves so that the leaves are sitting on the front edge of the vase.
  3. Add the bells-of-Ireland on the left side between the coprosma and the hellebore so that they spill over the edge of the vase towards the tabletop.
  4. Trim and add the roses to the front right, nestled in against the hellebore leaves and the coprosma stem on the right.
  5. Trim and place one of the stems of Queen Anne’s lace so that it sort of floats a couple inches above the roses.  Trim and place the other stem to a much longer length so that when placed it sits slightly taller than the first and leans over the top of the bells-of-Ireland on the left side of the arrangement.
  6. Make sure your vase has plenty of water in it and enjoy!
The completed flower arrangement with white roses, queen anne's lace, and bells-of-Ireland.
This elegant white floral arrangement uses white roses, Queen Anne’s lace, bells-of-Ireland, Coprosma, and Hellebore leaves in a simple glass cylinder vase.

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