A DASH of Floral: Romantic Rose Bouquet

A gorgeous grouping of soft muted pinks, golds, and cream in a romantic rose bouquet perfect for Valentine’s Day.

close up of roses showing yellow centers
Crème de la Crème roses are some of my favorite because of their yellow centers.

Why I Still Love Roses

I really love roses.  Recently they’ve fallen somewhat out of favor for those with a more contemporary eye.  When I think of the more “designer” floral arrangements, typically I think of more exotic flowers such as orchids, protea, and other more unusual blooms.  However, these blooms are generally also harder to find and more expensive.  Roses, are timeless, smell amazing, come in a variety of colors, and happen to be some of the more affordable flowers you can purchase let alone being more widely available.  There are lots of ways that roses can be arranged for a more contemporary flair.  Asymmetrical yet simple arrangements are one of my favorite techniques to make more traditional flowers come across more modern.  In the arrangement I show below, I use a variety of stock and similar florals to balance the roses and create the wonderful dynamic asymmetry that makes this arrangement visually interesting.

How to Arrange a Romantic Rose Bouquet


  • 1 vase
  • Water to fill
  • Floral Preservative
  • 5-6 stems of stock or similar floral
  • 5-6 carnation blossoms
  • 12 roses of varying shades of pink and cream (or your color preference)


  • Mix the floral preservative and water in the vase per the directions on the preservative.
  • Cut two stems of stock and place so that the lowest blooms rest on the back right edge of the vase.  Cut the rest of the stock at varying lengths longer lengths and arrange around the left side of the vase so that they spill slightly over the side.  This will help create that asymmetry.
  • Cut the carnations and arrange among the stocks on the left side of the vase to fill in the mouth of the vase between them.
  • Next start filling in the right side of the vase with roses, starting by cutting and arranging one layer of roses so that the blossoms rest on the edge of the vase. Cut the next layer of roses so that their blossoms rest on top of the first. Finally, start cutting and placing roses to continue filling and building in and out to the right, but not so that they sit higher than any of the stock on the left.
  • Make any final tweaks to flower placement as required so that you are pleased with the arrangement and enjoy! 

Remember to continue to check and add water as required to keep the arrangement lasting as long as possible.

a partially filled vase showing carnations and stock.
a vase of flowers on a tile counter
Time to do any final adjustments!
vase of roses, stock and carnations on a silver tray
So gorgeous! And all things you can buy at the grocery store!
A cream rose nestled in a bouquet of stock.
The smell from this arrangement is an intoxicating perfume.

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