A DASH of Floral: Purple Flower Centerpiece Ideas

How to make three different gorgeous purple flower bouquet centerpieces from $30 of grocery store flowers and thrifted vases.  These centerpiece ideas are perfect and easy do-it-yourself option for decorating a dining table for a party or a wedding.

Flowers Make Great Décor

The spring flowers are just what I need to brighten my home and add some pops of color to the living spaces.  Floral arrangements are one of my favorite décor items because they can and must be constantly updated, they can be very sculptural, and who doesn’t love the smell of fresh flowers in their home?

A woman arranging flowers in a glass vase
Hey look it’s me! The end of the island in the kitchen is an easy spot for me to do this work and spread everything out. The tile counters are more forgiving if I spill a little water or make a bit of a mess versus on the dining table.

One misconception about floral arrangements is that they are costly.  This can be true if you are trying to create either extremely large or numerous arrangements or using floral elements that are very exotic.  However, most of the centerpiece flowers that I use are either gathered from my own garden or purchased flower bouquets from the grocery store.  Generally, I will spend about $15-25 on one large bouquet and one or two other small ones and can create up to 5 arrangements from them, depending on the size and what is seasonally available in my garden.  Once assembled, these arrangements will keep for a week or more if I continue to refresh their water.

DIY Wedding Centerpieces

A teapot overflowing with purple flowers
A close up view of the flowers in this teapot. I love using non-vases for flower bouquets.

If you love crafting, are organized, have good time management skills, and some space, doing your own floral arrangements is a great option for a budget wedding or even a smaller wedding with more personal touches.  I did my own floral arrangements when I got married before and it was a huge cost savings so I highly recommend this if you can incorporate the assembly time into your schedule the day before or up to two days before your wedding. 

It does take a lot of time to do the florals on your own which can be hard to balance with other pre-wedding activities.  All said, definitely recommend that gals look into this though, I really enjoyed it and now I have a great new hobby!

How to make 3 purple flower centerpieces from $30 of grocery store flowers

After completing these three arrangements I still had a lot of greenery left over. If I had a few more flowers, I could have easily gotten another 2 arrangements done. Too bad more things were not yet in bloom in my yard…


  • 1 large mixed floral bouquet
  • 1 small bouquet of mixed greens
  • 1 small bouquet of purple tulips
  • A few small branches I clipped from the crabapple in my yard and some lavender trimmings
  • 3 vases or containers of various sizes

Large Purple Vase Arrangement

  1. Start by cutting and placing some of the branches clipped around the back of the vase. I used 3 in this arrangement.
  2. Next layer in some of the more drape-y (yes, that’s the word I’m using) greenery, in my case a couple stems of eucalyptus, to the front and right side of the vase, opposite the branches.
  3. Then add the stems of alstroemeria into the center of the arrangement.
  4. Finish with cutting and placing the tulips so they look like their spilling over the eucalyptus on the right side of the vase.

Teapot Floral Arrangement

  1. Begin with placing a couple small twigs and some lavender cotton trimmings in the back and front of the teapot so they spill and arc out of the top.
  2. Then place and cluster the daisies in the middle right side of the teapot opening.
  3. Trim and set the statice flowers in a cluster on the front left middle
  4. Nestle the rose into the center of the purple flowers in the front to finish

Small Brass Vase Centerpiece

  1. Create a base with trimmings of salal around the mouth of the vase.
  2. Then add trimmings of lavender cotton, and big leafy eucalyptus in opposing sides of the vase, allowing them to dramatically spill out.
  3. Next add the more stalky upright eucalyptus and crabapple twigs to the back of the arrangement so they fan out and up.
  4. Complete by nestling the purple carnations and statice flowers into the middle to fill.
Brass vase filled with purple flowers and greenery on a bronze coffee table with candles and magazines.
I used this adorable arrangement as a coffee table centerpiece in my living room.

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