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Making lemon lavender scones out of life’s lemons…

Living beautifully

Living beautifully is about having a home and resources that support and nourishes you and your family, as well as provides a beautiful environment that you can be proud of. Tackling the projects and tasks of home life is something that I generally enjoy, but I won’t say is not without its challenges. Learning how to adapt and modify different recipes and projects to your skill level or schedule can take a little practice and planning that honestly life is frequently too hectic to take time to do.

Through this blog, I will provide ideas and examples of how myself and my husband are approaching our home projects and domestic life in an effort to provide examples, insight, and options for modification as required. Topics will include cooking, baking, floral design, gardening, decorating, home maintenance, interior design, crafting, and other things I would like to share. Looking forward to doing a project with you!

Thank you!