A DASH of Décor: DIY Mini Christmas Wreaths

These three DIY Mini Christmas Wreaths cost me a whole $6 to make.  That’s right, just $6.  Who said cute holiday décor had to be expensive?

How I Spent $6 for Three Adorable DIY Mini Christmas Wreaths

First of all, I went to one of my favorite places to do some craft and holiday decoration shopping…the Dollar Tree store.  YES.  I went to a dollar store to get things for decorating.  Second, I optimized the decorative elements I bought to embellish the wreaths with by taking them apart and distributing their individual elements across the wreaths.  Third, my selected craft is a holiday accent piece and not a primary focal point of any space, so it needed less ornamentation than a centerpiece for example or a wreath for a front door. 

Most importantly, as I am the one crafting these things, I’m in complete control of the end result and have the ability to tweak and adjust versus when you buy a mass produced complete faux wreath where the quality control is no where near my standards.   It’s my own creativity that can take $6 worth of items from the store and combine them into three amazing wreaths.  It elevated each piece into a great décor piece that I’m confident I saw a comparable at Joann’s today for $6 per wreath AFTER the discount (which is saying something if you shop Joann’s and use their coupon app).


How to Decorate with your DIY Mini Christmas Wreaths

These wreaths are the second set of dollar store wreaths I’ve made.  The first are probably still somewhere buried in my old house, now my ex-husband’s place.  They were simple wreaths with a red bow tied to the bottom of each.  I can’t remember how much I spent on those, but I used them every single year and hung them on my cabinets or on bookcases, just wherever I could hang them.  They were an adorable accent and something I knew immediately I wanted to remake and upgrade for my new house and life.

Last year I used ribbon to hang them in the center of my windows, but this year, they are gracing both my bookshelves (hung by a ribbon like the window installation) as well as over the door of my antique china hutch.  I really love how versatile they are and how they fit in with many different décor types by their simplicity (last year was more retro country Christmas, this year’s décor is a little more old world traditional).  These would also be cute on bedroom doors, picture frames, or hung along a stair banister.


DIY Mini Christmas Wreath Instructions


  • (1) 9’ faux evergreen garland with wire
  • 3 twist-tie bows (mine happen to come with little bells on them)
  • 4-6 individual stems of holiday floral décor sprays (I chose 2 with pinecones and berries, and another two with big red berry clusters)
  • Wire Cutters


  1. Cut the garland into three equal length pieces and coil them gently into 9” wreaths.  Because the garland has wire in it, it was easy to just wrap the ends into the body of the wreath as a way of both securing the ends and helping the wreath keep its shape.
  2. Being sure to maximize the length of wire attached to each element, cut off the pieces of your floral stems that you want to use in your wreaths.  Using each items’ floral wire, tie them into the wreaths where you want them placed.
  3. Tie the bows onto the wreaths in the desired locations.
  4. Hang wreaths and enjoy!

Looking for another fun and inexpensive way to amp up your holiday décor this year?  Check out my post on DIY Modern Putz Houses!

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