Gardening Tips and Tricks

Gardening can be a very rewarding hobby. Get the latest tips and tricks to help your garden be successful!

Gardening has become one of my favorite hobbies. Not only is it deeply satisfying to look out on my blooming and growing garden, but the labor and process is emotionally therapeutic and intellectually stimulating. Learn along with me and grow your own successful garden with these gardening tips and tricks!

Latest Posts

A DASH of Gardening: Plants in my Garden

Help identifying and dealing with common things found in gardens in the Pacific Northwest, specifically the weeds and other plants I encounter in my garden.

A DASH of Gardening: Soil Testing

How to complete soil testing in your garden on your journey to providing the best soil for plants.

A DASH of Gardening: How to Start Seeds Indoors

A short guide on how to start seeds indoors and strategies to rescue seedlings when things don’t go as planned

A DASH of Gardening: Fall Container Gardening

Fall Vegetable and Porch Décor Container Gardening This past spring, I completely missed out on the whole vegetable gardening experience.  I have a garden plot in the yard which is usually full of lettuces, kales, tomatoes, and other usual summer garden fare.  However, this year I was so overwhelmed with the pandemic and adjusting to…

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